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Despite the chill that descended upon the Seafoam Cottage a couple of weeks ago, there have been enough sunny days to lure Buddy back onto the screamed-in porch. Bear’s porch time is over for the season; she has packed up all of her napping accoutrements and returned to the couch to nest in the lovely fluffy blankets she had not needed since April. But as long as there are birds and squirrels and a nemesis named Mr. Shorty (which, as we have just realized, rhymes with Moriarty), there will be a black and white cat patrolling the porch for God and country.

Captain Buddy, Porch Pirate

Captain Buddy, Porch Pirate

Though it may be both good and easy to be king, it is not easy to continually hate Mr. Shorty when he is out of sight. Fortunately, he has apparently come to understand the necessity of his presence in the complex equation that constitutes his relationship with Buddy. Therefore, in these fleeting days of cold mornings and warm afternoons, the legendary battle between good and evil that was depicted in the 1800’s by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his tales of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty is being relived from the confines of the screamed-in porch, weather permitting, with Buddy inexplicably playing the part of Holmes and Shorty taking on the mantle of Professor Moriarty. On a sunny day last week, the caretaker caught sight of the dreaded villain and was able to begin her own surveillance as she returned to the Cottage after work. Though Moriarty was in Buddy’s front yard when the caretaker first spied him, he scurried across the street to lurk behind a telephone pole and plot evil against the inhabitants of the Seafoam Cottage.

Shorty Moriarity


Bounding outside as the caretaker entered, Buddy took up the surveillance duties for himself, “hiding” behind the few remaining rose leaves.

Stealth Mode Buddy

Purrlock at Work

But then Shorty Moriarty became as bold as the villain after whom he is now named. He strode across the street and down the side yard, and then had the unmitigated gall to plop down on the deck, just a few yards from Buddy’s favorite corner of the screamed-in porch. Thus was created the most poignant good vs. evil photo op that the Seafoam Cottage has ever seen, that is, if the caretaker had a wide-angle lens and the proper vantage point. But alas, two photos were required, one for each of the bookends. Though the illustration below has the two photos spliced together, the good and evil bit is still quite riveting, as the gentle reader must agree, though one thing it demonstrates is that evil is infinitely more relaxed than good:

Good vs. Evil Staredown

Good vs. Evil Staredown

So rest easy, Universe. Purrlock Holmes has your back. Professor Shorty-arty shall not pester you again. At least until the next time.


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