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Yips That Pass in the Night

Last year, the caretaker faithfully recorded Buddy’s account of the yippie dog next door. Over the cold hard winter, very few creatures stirred outside for very long, especially the yippie dog, because most creatures had the good sense to stay inside where it was warm and dry. So today during her regular survey of the estate grounds, the caretaker was quite surprised to find that the yippie dog (may we call him “Bark”?) was not just outside but outside the fence, surveying the Stratford south forty as though he were planning to place a bid on it. The tiny, rat-shaped interloper strutted and snorted confidently until he spied the caretaker. At that point he morphed into a canine Barney Fife, and he began yipping—insistent, incessant, intractable, insufferable yipping, combined with enough bobbing, weaving, and lunging to weary a prizefighter.

Though the caretaker was shaking uncontrollably (with laughter), she was able to snap a couple of action shots for your viewing pleasure.

Yips on the move

Bark on the move, and living up to his pretend name



Extreme Close-up

Extreme close-up. I can almost feel the coldness of his nose.

If the object in this photo is closer than it appears, the caretaker is in trouble. Buddy could have destroyed Bark with one swoop of the paw, but unfortunately Buddy was sleeping soundly on the other side of brick and glass.

Will the caretaker survive?

More importantly, if she doesn’t, will the substitute hooman feed the cats at the proper times!?!?

Get hold of yourselves, gentle readers! The only reason the caretaker was able to snap these photos is that she sat down on the ground to make herself look smaller to the miniscule dog. Her plan was to win him over and thus shut him up. But as soon as she stood up, Bark saw her as tall and menacing, and so he retreated with maximum vigor, yipping heartily all the way to the other side of the car.

With the crisis averted and the cats’ mealtime spared, the caretaker has only one observation to make: Isn’t the clover beautiful at this time of the year?


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