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Thrones Will Fall

As our gentle readers will recall, it is Buddy’s habit every morning to wake the caretaker before daylight, to allow her to feed him a hearty breakfast, and then to take his place in or near the window throne in his state room. (pictured below)

Buddy's Throne

Buddy’s Throne

Almost every morning when the caretaker leaves the house, Bear is sound asleep in her smaller throne in the sitting room, and Buddy is watching over his kingdom from his throne. The ability to find the cats in these habitual haunts is useful for the caretaker, as she always counts heads before leaving the house. Since the cats are creatures of habit, she can be also.

And that is exactly why she did a double-take one morning last week when she began the head count in the sitting room. The first hint that a major problem existed was her finding Buddy in Bear’s throne. Granted, he often confiscates that seat in the afternoons when watching for the caretaker to return in the large rolling box, but until that day he had never needed that spot in the morning. Thoroughly confused, the caretaker quickly searched for Bear, who was most displeased at being displaced. She had found another bed on the back of the caretaker’s chair, but her face was filled with clouds and thunder. She was not amused.

Since this turn of events was so odd, the caretaker decided to look in the state room and see if anything was amiss. It was indeed. In this case, amiss was as good as a mile, for Buddy’s throne might as well have been a mile away. Instead of being perched confidently on the wooden chest where it belongs, the throne lay upside-down and two feet below its normal location on the wooden table that stands between the chest and the bed.

If our gentle readers will refer once again to the photo above, they will notice that the throne is in a precarious position at the corner of the chest. Because of this tendency for the throne to list to the right, the caretaker adjusts the throne on a regular basis to prevent mishaps. But she had apparently been remiss in her duties last week, causing Buddy to be dethroned and setting the entire household in high dudgeon.

The reason for the throne’s demise remains a mystery, but the caretaker is willing to conjecture that it was a casualty of Buddy’s hatred for the cat that has recently begun to roam the palace grounds. Pantera is a coal-black cat, sleek and shockingly large. He is also the stuff of legends, and a better nemesis than Buddy has ever found.

Whether the throne reached its ignoble destination because Buddy rolled over in his sleep or because he was scrambling to lunge through the window at the villain du jour, the result was the same. The throne was in the dog house, and Buddy refused to return to it for three days. That is apparently the minimum amount of time required to assuage the king’s wrath against a traitor.

Thus, gentle reader, it behooves us all not to incur the king’s wrath. That throne is lucky it is still alive.


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